Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob is one of the northern beaches suburbs of Cairns and a true hidden gem. It’s located only 15 mins from Cairns and the perfect place to take your dog for a long, fun-filled beach walk. Not a fan of the beach? Make sure to check out their impressive esplanade and dog friendly restaurants!

Yorkeys Knob Sign

Yorkeys Knob Sign

The Beach

Yorkeys Knob has a beautiful, long stretched beach and the best thing is that’s dog-friendly. Just make sure you enter on the right-hand side close to Hidden Cafe, where the dogs can run off-leash like the free-spirited creatures they are. Biggie loves going to the beach at Yorkeys Knob as there is lots of space to run around. It’s quite a big walk as the entire beach is 1.5 km long and actually very wide compared to the other beaches in the area which makes it a very pleasant walk.

But wait, there’s more! If you walk towards the end of the beach on the northern side, you’ll encounter the mouths of Yorkeys and the larger Richters creeks. It’s quite a sight to behold, but do watch out for crocodiles in the water as there may be crocodiles present in these waters.

Yorkeys Knob Rock Wall

Yorkeys Knob Rock Wall

The Esplanade

If you want to take a break from the sand, head over to the esplanade. Here, you can take your dog for a walk without getting them wet and sandy. And if your furry friend gets thirsty, don’t worry – there are plenty of water taps with dog bowls available. Plus, there’s a hose to spray them off after a walk on the beach. No more stinky dogs in your car!

The Yorkeys Knob esplanade has also multiple electric barbecues that you can use for free. Perfect for an afternoon barbecue with some friends and your doggie by your side. They even have a kids play ground on the esplanade which is perfect to keep the kids entertained.

On the left hand side of the Esplanade there is a small lookout point and a rock wall that is pretty impressive! So make sure to also check that out while you are there.

Yorkeys Knob Life Guard Tower

Yorkeys Knob Life Guard Tower

Dog friendly restaurants

Yorkeys Knob has two Dog friendly restaurants and they both go above and beyond to make sure you and your dog have a great time together!

Hidden Cafe at Yorkeys


Yorkeys Knob Dog friendly beach

Yorkeys Knob Dog friendly beach

Yorkeys Knob is one of the northern beaches suburbs of Cairns, located 15 minutes away from Cairns. It is a dog-friendly beach where dogs can run off-leash.

Yorkeys Knob has a beautiful and long-stretched dog-friendly beach. It also has an impressive esplanade with multiple electric barbecues, a kid’s playground, and dog-friendly restaurants.

You can take your dog for a long, fun-filled walk on the dog-friendly beach of Yorkeys Knob. If you don’t want to get your furry friend wet and sandy, you can take a walk on the esplanade where there are plenty of water taps with dog bowls available.

While swimming in the waters of Yorkeys and Richters creeks, be cautious of the presence of crocodiles in the area.

Yorkeys Knob has two dog-friendly restaurants, Hidden Cafe at Yorkeys and Ten06, which make sure that you and your furry friend have a great time together.

Yes, there is a car park available at Yorkeys Knob near the dog-friendly beach. It has ample parking space and is free of cost.

Biggie’s verdict

Biggie's Verdict Yorkeys Knob

Let’s go to the beach-each! Oh my, it’s always so much fun going to this beach with my pawrents. I can run around and always meet so many new friends. I always need a big drink before we go home though ‘cuz all that playing makes me thirsty. I can’t wait until we go next!

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