Holloways Beach

There are so many amazing beaches to explore in Far North Queensland. And Holloways Beach is definitely another beach to put on your list to go with your dog!

Holloways Beach is located just 15 minutes from Cairns, making it a convenient destination for you and your dog for a relaxing beach day. Whether you’re staying in Cairns or just passing through, this beach is easily accessible for a quick getaway.

Holloways beach beautiful views

Holloways beach beautiful mountain views

Beautiful Esplanade for a Leisurely Walk

The beach features a never-ending esplanade (ok, it will end at one point but it’s a long walk), providing a scenic backdrop for you and your furry friend to enjoy a leisurely walk. The esplanade is a great way to explore the beach while getting in some exercise with your dog.

The esplanade is well-shaded, offering a comfortable environment to walk your dog even on those hot sunny days in Far North Queensland.

Locals love to take their dogs to this popular spot, so be prepared for your dog to make lots of new friends along the way! Your dog will have the opportunity to socialise with other dogs and make new friends, either when walking on the esplanade or while enjoying the beach.

Holloways Beach Esplanade

Holloways Beach Esplanade

Designated Off-Leash Areas

Holloways Beach offers two designated off-leash areas, one at the northern end and the other at the southern end, where you and your dog can explore the beach together. These off-leash areas provide plenty of space for your dog to run, play, and swim.

Look out for the signs on the esplanade to confirm where off-leash is allowed.

Holloways beach off leash areas

Holloways beach off leash areas

Stay Safe in the Water

As with many beaches in FNQ, it is important to be aware of potential crocodiles in the water. The presence of crocodiles can be a concern for dog owners, so it’s essential to always keep a close eye on your dog when swimming in the water.

Great views at Holloways beach

You can capture great views at Holloways beach

Relax and Unwind

Holloways Beach is not only a great spot to take your dog for a walk but also for a picnic or BBQ. There are lots of electric barbecues around that you can use for free! But you can also bring a blanket with some food and drinks and just enjoy the beautiful view.

Whether you’re cooking up a meal or just soaking up the sun, this beach is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a stress-free day together with your fur bestie.

Not feeling like cooking? make sure to check out these Dog-Friendly Breakfast Restaurants in Holloways Beach.

Biggie Relaxing and enjoying the views

Biggie Relaxing and enjoying the views

Frequently asked questions

Holloways Beach is located just 15 minutes from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Yes, Holloways Beach is a dog-friendly beach with two designated off-leash areas at the northern and southern ends of the beach.

Yes, visitors can enjoy a BBQ or picnic at Holloways Beach as there are electric barbecues available for free and plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Yes, visitors should be aware of potential crocodiles and stingers in the water at Holloways Beach and always keep a close eye on their dogs when swimming.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk on the never-ending esplanade, swim in the designated off-leash areas with their dogs, have a BBQ or picnic while enjoying the beautiful view, and socialize with other dogs and dog owners.

Yes, Holloways Beach is easily accessible for tourists, as it is located just 15 minutes from Cairns and has ample parking available.

Yes, there are several dog-friendly restaurants in Holloways Beach that visitors can check out, such as Two Blocks Café and Strait on the Beach.

Yes, Holloways Beach is a popular spot for locals to take their dogs for a walk or enjoy a day out with family and friends.

Yes, visitors can capture great views at Holloways Beach, with the beautiful mountain views and a scenic backdrop provided by the never-ending esplanade.

Biggie’s verdict

Biggie's verdict holloways beach

Oh I really like Holloways Beech! It’s a great place were my pawrents take me for a good walk were I get to meet a lot of new Frends! We then go to one of the nice restaurants were I get some nice bacon from them.

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