Emerald Creek Falls

Far North Queensland has so many amazing waterfalls to check out! However, to a lot of them you can’t bring your dog as they’re often located in a National Park.

The Emerald Creek Falls are not only absolutely stunning but are dog friendly as well.
How amazing is that!

You can plan your next adventure chasing waterfalls with your dog by your side.

Biggie and Michael exploring Emerald Creek Falls

Biggie and Michael exploring Emerald Creek Falls

Emerald Creek Falls How to get there

From Cairns it’s about a 1 hour and 15 min drive to the Emerald Creek Falls. The Emerald Creek falls are located near Mareeba in the Atherton Tablelands.

To get there you will drive into the direction of Kuranda via the Kuranda Range which will provide you with some beautiful views along the way. The Kuranda Range is a bit of a winding drive but once you reach Kuranda, the road will get back to normal and it will just be straight on to the Emerald Creek Falls.

You can park your car at the Emerald Creek Falls day-use area which is located in the Dinden West Forest Reserve. The day-area has toilets available as well as picnic benches.

At the picnic benches lives a very large Iguana in the tree so make sure to check him out.

Biggie at bottom of Emerald Creek Falls

Biggie at bottom of Emerald Creek Falls

Emerald Creek FallsWhat to do?

What’s a better way to spend your day than enjoying nature and taking a refreshing dip in a natural placid pool, while the sun is shining and your dog is having the best time? I can’t think of much.

Emerald Creek has some stunning spots to swim and chill, so let’s dive into it!

When you reach the carpark and you (or should I say your dog?) want to go straight for a swim, you can follow the sign “creek access” behind the picnic benches. When following the path it will take you to a small open space where you have great access to the creek. The water here is not too deep, but still allows your dog to swim around. The water may be a bit cold at first, but it’s so worth it!

Dog Friendly Swimming hole near cairns emerald creek

Biggie swimming with his ball

Emerald Creek Falls The Walking Track

The walking track that starts at the end of the car park takes you further alongside the Emerald Creek and allows you to explore numerous other swimming holes, lagoons and waterfalls. We’d highly recommend checking out at least a few of them! A lot of the swimming holes have crystal clear water, making it even more attractive to jump in.

One of the ‘’creek access’’ signs early on the walking track leads you down to a beautiful small and sandy waterhole. The path is easy to walk (not very steep) and provides easy access to the water for you and your dog. Biggie had an amazing time in the water here, fetching balls and sticks and we had trouble convincing him to move on to the next spot.

dog friendly walking track emerald creek falls

Biggie and Michael exploring

Emerald Creek Falls Bottom of the Falls

A bit further on the walking track and right after a “warning” sign you have another path going down, leading you to another great swimming hole.

However, if you just stay on the main track at one point you’ll reach a sign where you can either follow the “bottom of falls” or “falls lookout”. When following the ‘’bottom of falls’’ sign, it will eventually bring you to a small wooden bridge that will help you cross the water. After climbing one of the boulders, you will reach the bottom of the waterfall – and what a view this is!

You just need to be a bit careful as the boulders can be slippery for your dog. The pool is amazing to go in for a dip if your dog is up for it. Just be careful around the pool area where the water flows out of the pool as the current can be very strong here. We have kept Biggie on the leash at all times and closely with us.

signage midway of emerald creek falls dog friendly walking track

Signage to the waterhole and waterfall

Waterfall Lookout

When you head back and follow the signs “falls lookout” it’s only a short climb to the top of the waterfall.

Here you have a nice viewing platform with 360-degree views over the area which is absolutely stunning.

The whole platform is fenced so its very safe to go up there with your dog and enjoy the views.

top of emerald creek falls

Top of Emerald Creek

Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery Biggie's Favourite Part.

This is our absolute favourite ice-creamery in the area. Their ice-cream is homemade, and they use local fresh fruits for their ice creams. And gosh, their ice cream is DE-LI-CIOUS!

They have a variety of ice cream and sorbets and also do other goodies such as fudge, waffles and light lunches.

We always stop here for some ice cream on our way home from camping our when we have been to Emerald Creek.

They have a few tables and picnic benches set up so you can sit down and enjoy your ice cream in peace. Biggie always loves to come here as he is obsessed with ice cream! Dogs are not allowed inside the shop but you can sit outside with them on any of the picnic benches.

Make sure to check out the Emerald Creek Ice Creamery website.

biggie eating ice cream at emerald creek ice creamery

Ice cream! at Emerald Creek Ice Creamery

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can bring your dog to Emerald Creek Falls. Unlike many other waterfalls in Far North Queensland that are located in national parks, Emerald Creek Falls is dog-friendly.

If you are driving from Cairns, it takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Emerald Creek Falls. To get there, you will drive in the direction of Kuranda via the Kuranda Range, which provides beautiful views along the way. The day-use area at Emerald Creek Falls is located in the Dinden West Forest Reserve, where you can park your car.

Emerald Creek Falls offers a range of activities such as swimming, exploring swimming holes, lagoons, and waterfalls, and walking tracks. You can follow the “creek access” sign behind the picnic benches to access a small open space where you can swim with your dog. Additionally, you can take the walking track to explore more swimming holes, lagoons, and waterfalls. There is also a viewing platform with 360-degree views over the area.

The boulders near the waterfall can be slippery, and the current near the pool area where the water flows out of the pool can be very strong, so it is advised to keep your dog on a leash at all times and closely with you.

Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery is a nearby attraction that is highly recommended by visitors. They serve homemade ice cream and sorbets made from local fresh fruits, as well as other goodies such as fudge, waffles, and light lunches. They have a few tables and picnic benches set up, and dogs are allowed outside with their owners.

The Mareeba Drive In is also a great activity you can do with your dog when you are visiting on a Friday or Saturday.

The walking track at Emerald Creek Falls is relatively easy to walk and suitable for most fitness levels. However, some parts of the track can be steep and rocky, so it’s recommended to wear appropriate footwear and take caution while walking.

The day-use area at Emerald Creek Falls has toilets available for visitors to use. There are also picnic benches and a large iguana that lives in a tree near the benches.

Biggie’s verdict

biggies verdict of emerald creek falls

This is a really good spot that we usually go to after a long weekend of camping. But sometimes my parents takes me here on the weekend so I can play with them in the cold water which I really enjoy.
After that comes my favourite part which is sharing ice cream with my dad. OH MY GOODNESS!! IT’S DELICIOUS!!

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