Dog friendly camping at Woodleigh Station

If you’re looking for a camp spot that is a bit more rural, you’d really enjoy staying at Woodleigh Station. Woodleigh Station is a cattle station and is about a 2 hours and 15 min drive from Cairns. They are dog-friendly, however make sure you let them know you’re bringing your dog when booking.

Woodleigh Station Dog Friendly camping

Campfire on Tailings site 2

How to get there

When leaving from Cairns, you can best drive South towards Gordonvale. From here you drive towards Lake Eacham and then onto Ravenshoe until you eventually reach the ‘’Woodleigh Station’’ sign on your lift hand side.

When leaving from the Cairns Northern Beaches area, we’d recommend driving over the Kuranda Range instead as this is a shorter route to get to the camp spot. However, Google Maps will let you know the fastest route on how to get there.

Woodleigh Station great camping with creek!

Blairs camp spot has great creek access

The Camping

The thing we always love about going to Woodleigh Station is that they offer camp sites that are very secluded. When we go camping, we normally look for a quiet and private spot. This allows us to spend lots of time with Biggie and make sure he can have a great time swimming and splashing around, without bothering anyone. However, at Woodleigh Station they offer a variety of camp sites so there is something for everyone!

At Woodleigh Station they offer Bush Sites which are unpowered, private (you’ll be 100m or more from the next campsite) and are located next to water. When booking you can choose whether you wish to have shallow water, deep, or are not too bothered about swimming. We always book a Bush Site with access to shallow water as they’re very private and allow Biggie to have a great time in the water swimming around. These Bush Sites do not offer any amenities so it’s important you’re self-sufficient.

Woodleigh Station also offers Powered Sites. Those sites are located in a common area near the homestead and have bathrooms nearby (only a short walk). This is perfect if you like to go camping but still prefer to use a proper toilet and showers.

Woodleigh also offers Common Area Sites which are unpowered. Perks are that you’re still close to the homestead and therefore located near the bathrooms.

They have lots of animals walking around near the homestead such as cows, horses, and goats. When we were there during our last stay, they even had baby goats walking around which were so cute! We have also seen the odd cow and horses come by and have a peek when we were staying on one of the Bush Sites, so make sure to keep your dog on the leash at all times to keep your fur baby safe as well as the cattle and wildlife.

Woodleigh Station Buggery bend

Buggery bend is another great spot to stay!


As Woodleigh Station has A LOT of camp sites, we have not been able to try all of them yet. We have never stayed on the same site twice as there are just so many spots. However, you can request a certain site when booking if you do have a favourite, obviously depending on availability.

Even though there are so many sites, it’s a very popular spot to go camping and we’d recommend to always book in advance. Especially during public holidays and school holidays they’re very busy so we’d recommend to book well in advance for those times of year.

You can book a spot via their online enquiry form, or you can just give them a call.

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Woodleigh Station Tailings site 3

Tailings site 1, 2 and 3 are all great options to stay!

Frequently asked questions

Woodleigh Station is a cattle station located in Far North Queensland, approximately a 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from Cairns.

Yes, Woodleigh Station is dog-friendly, but you must inform them in advance when making a booking.

Woodleigh Station offers Bush Sites, Powered Sites, and Common Area Sites. Bush Sites are unpowered and secluded, while Powered Sites are located in a common area near the homestead and have bathrooms nearby. Common Area Sites are unpowered, and you’re located close to the homestead with access to bathrooms.

To get to Woodleigh Station from Cairns, you can drive south towards Gordonvale, then head towards Lake Eacham and Ravenshoe until you see the Woodleigh Station sign on your left-hand side. Alternatively, you can drive over the Kuranda Range, but Google Maps will show you the fastest route.

You can book a spot at Woodleigh Station by filling out their online enquiry form or by calling them directly. As Woodleigh Station is a popular camping spot, it’s recommended to book in advance, especially during public and school holidays. You can also request a specific campsite depending on availability.

Woodleigh Station has cows, horses, and goats walking around near the homestead. You may also see cattle and wildlife when staying on one of the Bush Sites.

It is recommended to book in advance at Woodleigh Station, particularly during public and school holidays when the campsite is busy.

Biggie’s verdict

Biggie's Verdict Woodleigh Station

I don’t think I have ever seen that many cows in my life! But when we go to the Bush Campsite it’s always nice and quiet and I don’t get bothered by any other animals; it’s just me and my pawrents. I love that they always book a site with easy water access so I can play in the creek the whole day! I normally don’t go to bed that late though, ‘cuz I have so much fun during the day and I am just super tired in the evening. I love sleeping in the tent and can’t wait until we go back again!

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